Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

2012’s Centipede Hz, the spastic kid brother to it’s space-case sibling Merriweather Post Pavilion, is an underrated album in Animal Collective’s catalog. While I loved Merriweather Post Pavilion, Centipede Hz corrects the band’s course by understanding what that album did not: that the highest highs are colored by stress and tension.

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The National – Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

With fifteen minutes to kill, I stood in the precipice of a Ritz Carlton bathroom door, staring down a mirror adorned lavishly with a gold-plated frame. While my face looked stern and determined, my feet betrayed my confidence by tapping in a nervous cadence. Presumably, I saw some macho action hero do this in a movie at some point.

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The Books – Lost and Safe

In my junior year of college I curated (with the help of friends) a music discovery blog with an unabashedly self-important title: “Conspicuous Consumption Clique”. In “the ccclique”, a handful of my friends and I would post YouTube links of songs that were resonating with us that week accompanied with a brief explanation as to why.

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Animal Collective – Painting With

Animal Collective announced Painting With alongside the release of “Floridada”; a bouncy, summery jam that showed the band unironically sampling Wipeout and channeling fucking “Kokomo” of all things. For a band whose catalog is bereft of what you’d consider a traditional “single”, it was an exhilarating statement of what Animal Collective could sound like if they cared to make fun, radio-friendly music instead of scoring art-house films.

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