Games of 2018 – Rocket League

Jake’s best game of 2018 goes to….Rocket League? Really?

I hype all of these cerebral, retro-style games and decide my favorite game of the year ends up being a massively popular, 3 year old game that I already dropped a hundred hours on the PS4? Feels like kind of like a silly selection huh? One might even call it….a real U-turn. (Cue firing squad kicking down the door and lighting me up with mafiaso-era Tommy guns)

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Games of 2018 – Undertale

When introducing this series of posts about my favorite 2018 games, I made the following statement:

“The games [that resonated] with me the most this year were digestible and bespoke experiences by smaller, independent studios. A lot of the kids that also bathed in CRT light from their parent’s laps are developing games of their own now, and have a lifetime of experience to know what tropes are well-worn and ripe for subversion. “

Perhaps no other game I talk about this week embodies this sentiment as clearly as Undertale, the cheeky debut from Toby Fox which made it’s way to the Switch this year.

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